Swing Gate ประตูผลักแบบสวิง รุ่น CA-SW02

Swing Gate ประตูผลักแบบสวิง รุ่น CA-SW02


GS ADA Swing Gate was specifically designed for persons with disabilities. It has an innovative design to enable quicker and easier passage and to fit into tight spaces. Its cabinet was designed to withstand the impact of wheel chairs and carts. It can be for one-way and two-way, pedestrian traffic control. Operation in either a 1 x 90° or 2 x 90° bi-directional mode. These gates are also used to complement our turnstile and optical turnstiles especially where passage of larger items is required.With an opening of up to 900mm, items such as wheelchairs, trolleys and oversized packages are easily accommodated.


The main body of the housing is constructed from a 168 mm diameter polished stainless steel tube with a brushed finish. A mounting flange is attached to the base, providing a suitable means of bolting the column to a finished floor surface. The drive unit is concealed and mounted within

the main body of the housing which has a removable panel located in its lower portion. The rotating section of the column has 2 fixed flanges as a provision for the gate wing attachment.These flanges allow for the fixing of the standard gate wing as well as specially designed and customised gate wings.


The horizontal bi - diirecttiional movement of the arm allows patrons to pass smoothly through the ADA swing gates

Breakdown Self-checking and alarm indication, easy for maintenance and using

Anti illegal entering alarm

Anti-nipping Function

The motor will stop working in case of the swing encounter of obstrust

The swing gate arm will lock in case of not receving the open signal

Single/Double Directional Optional which can be controlled by both ways or single way

Standard electrical interface, various card reader acceptal to our turnstiles & can be controlled by computer

Reliable and durable, low noise and stable operation


Technical Spec.

Voltages: AC220±10%V,50HZ

Power Consumption: DC24V

Product Dimension: Φ168*985mm

Working Temperature: -15OC - 70 OC

Input Interface: Dry Contact Signal

Lane Width Maximum: 800mm

Opening/Closing Time: 1.5 Second

Driving Mechanism 

The wings are moved by mechanical arms. The arms are rotated by a torque shaft connected to the drive unit. The drive unit is a DC motor working in conjunction with a bi-directional encoder. A microprocessor control system guarantees the precise movement and positioning of the wings.

Method of Operation

ON receiving a signal from the access control system, or push button, the wings open.

Power Failure: In the event of a power failure the wings will automatically open for exit freely.

Fire Alarm: Input facility is available for voltage free contact supplied by others to effect fail state.

Interface: Potential free contact provided by either card reader or pushbutton input. Card reader inhibit and reset outputs signals are available as standard.


Swing Gate ประตูผลักแบบสวิง ประตูกั้นทางเข้า-ออก เครื่องกั้นทาง

 ประตูผลักแบบสวิง Swing Gate ประตูผลักแบบสวิง Swing Gate ประตูผลักแบบสวิง Swing Gate
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